2008-06-08 - 7:17 p.m.

Yesterday I had a crappy, really exhausting day at work and then came home to do a super fast super clean to prepare for Eric's "mother" (she gave birth to him but he was not raised by her) and her husband. Then we all went to dinner (which was surprisingly good considering we went to one of the dive-ier places in the area) and came home and I was so tired I can't even remember the general time of night that was. We had a crappy nights sleep due to a cat who decided he wanted to meow all night and another cat who accidentally got locked in our room and pooped in the closet for lack of litter box.

I woke grouchy and even more tired.

My brother came over to give me my old TV (it was my first purchase as an "adult" for my first apartment) which I will quickly install in the lower level of our house in front of the exercise bike so I can get back into that routine. He also brought his dog. She was too hot to take advantage of the huge space we have within the fence...but she did get to eat all the treats Eric bought for I'm sure she was somewhat happy to visit us.

Later...we went to see the turkeys. I bought some plants for my yard. I am excited that I can plant things now.

Then...we were all sitting outside and it was hot and sunny and we were looking at clouds and remarked that it was going to rain at some point. Then we noticed the wall of clouds moving a little faster than we had thought they were and we kind of hurried up and brought things in the house and then all of a sudden it was gusting wind and pouring rain and then the tornado sirens went off and I went directly to the closet while everyone else went outside.

Why am I always the only one who goes to the closet?


There wasn't a tornado and we still have our electric even though the rest of the town is out.

And that's great because I still haven't figured out how to work the generator to make coffee in the morning.

This is an incredible boring entry.

I am hoping to become exciting at some point in the next couple weeks.

That is all.


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