2008-05-29 - 5:23 p.m.

Dear Diary,

Today the asparagus farmer came in to the restaurant where I work and ordered the daily special, which happened to come with asparagus. The asparagus farmer happens to farm his asparagus right next door to the restaurant where I work. He said, "hmmm...asparagus...," and I said, "it's not yours," and he said, "it's probably from California or Peru," and I grimaced and agreed and then, out of curiosity, stole back to the supply freezer and found out that the asparagus is from China. China. I'm pretty disgusted.

Also today, the phone company was here to put flags where their cables are buried in our yard. Yesterday the electric company did the same. This is very exciting because this means that my fence should be built very very very very soon. Like, next week soon.

Also today, two construction dudes came in for lunch and told me I looked like the girl who was Vince Vaughn's girlfriend in The Wedding Crashers. They kept giggling and blushing every time I came to the table. It took me a while to figure out why they were acting like that but then I remembered the character they were speaking of. Then I started blushing.

Also, yesterday I found out that the Mexicans where I work are a. not legal and b. being deported as soon as next week because they got pulled over on the way to work and the one driving didn't have a license. The one in the passenger seat does have a license. I haven't confirmed this yet...but I was told that they got tickets for not being able to speak English. If this is possible I am going to have a serious problem and may have to change my life path to become an advocate for the Mexicans.

Anyway. That is all.


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