2008-05-08 - 9:30 a.m.

The church down the road currently has this message written on their sign..."4,000 unborn children are killed each day in the United States by abortion." Then they have 4,000 (or, I assume it is 4,000, maybe it's just as many as they could fit) white crosses staked into the ground cemetery style. It ENRAGES me. I am working on a letter. Hey, how about focusing your attention on the children that DO get born each day into poverty, abuse and terror? I wonder, do they teach birth control in their little parochial school? And what, what do they propose to do with those 4,000 "children" a day should they be born? We aren't even dealing with the children that are born full term into this suffer trap of a world. As far as I am concerned, as long as there is even one child suffering in life on the planet...we have no time or energy to deal with the issue of abortion. As harsh as this my opinion it's far more important to take care of a child who is breathing air on his own, a child who needs food and warmth and safety than it is to worry about the fate of a questionable "life" who has yet to develop a brain. I am NOT a proponent of abortion. AT ALL. In fact, abortion would never even play into my mind as an option for myself or for any of my friends who became unexpectedly pregnant at early ages. But that is me. And I know that for some women abortion is the absolute only option. And for most of those women, it's probably the most selfless thing they will ever do. Because they know that they cannot provide a proper life for someone. And in the end, it is for THOSE women that I become enraged by that sign.

Also, on the other side of their sign it says, "GOD SAYS DO NOT KILL." And I just wonder...what did those people eat for lunch? Are they proponents of capital punishment? Did they support the invasion of Iraq?



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