2008-04-23 - 9:30 p.m.

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention the best part of my laryngitis episode. It was the day that my voice started to go away completely and the phone started ringing and I was like...uh uh, I'm not answering that...and I continued what I was doing (cleaning litter boxes) except that ringing phones make my brain wires kind of short circuit (true story, it's my autism kicking in, right mother?) and I ended up bashing my head on a wall. HARD. Instant headache, tears in eyes hard. So. I was preoccupied with that for a while and never checked the message that was left on the ringing phone.

The next day I had no voice at all and so I didn't bother listening to the message (it was from my friend Amy) because I wouldn't be able to call back anyway. At this point I didn't know it would be another five days until I could speak again. I figured I could call her back the next day. forward to Monday. I had decided to not utter a word on Monday in order to rest my vocal cords in an attempt to retrieve my voice by Tuesday morning when I had to work. Amy called and I, feeling guilty for not calling her back yet, answered the phone in a whisper and told her that I had laryngitis and had had it for five days and would call her when I recovered. She said, "Nuh uh." And I said, "Yes, really." And then she said, "whatever..." and hung up on me.

Which was just really great.

She is starting to get on my nerves.

That is all.


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