2008-04-19 - 9:14 a.m.

Ah yes...the illness has now decided to move into the coughing stage. Which is just about the worst thing ever. Needless to say, I woke myself up about 50 times last night and finally, at about 5 am, decided to just stay awake.

So I've done a lot of laundry. And wikipedia-ed myself to death.

I also got to thinking about my work situation and what I could do to rectify it. It is clear that I am not going to make very much money at the restaurant I am currently working at. Actually, the money I am making there is kind of useless when you think about how many hours I am actually putting in. I do, unfortunately, put a price on my time. Anyway. During my early morning thinking I decided that what would be best would be to tell them I can work three or four mornings a week, no Sunday and that is all. And then get a job in a "real" restaurant for a couple nights a week. Oh but don't you know how very sick and tired I am of job searching and training for jobs? So my sleep deprived mind decided that the best solution would be to write the lady at the wine bar and tell her that if she is interested, I would be interested in working Friday nights there for the summer. ????? Er? Well, her insanity aside...I could handle that one night a week...Friday nights there in the summer could bring me an easy $200 a week. Which is more than I would make in four days at the other restaurant. And then I would be at my desired weekly pay of $400-ish. And still have a lot of alone/home time. And Saturday night and Sunday all day with my husband.

Yesterday I rearranged our upper floor (for the fourth time) and now I think I am very very close to having it the way I want it. We need new couches and a new coffee table and a whole lot of wall hangings and also, a wall of curtains for our wall of windows and new paint. Oh, and I need a new countertop. But then...I think it will be very pretty up there. Fortunately the lower level doesn't need so much stuffs. Just curtains for the wall of windows, new paint and a buncha book shelves. I have this fabulous plan for the bookshelves but I'm going to have to hire someone to build them.

I think by Christmas we will be moved in and the house will be beautiful. That's my goal anyway.

Earth Day/Dalai Lama tomorrow! I am very much looking forward to it. I hope I'm not still coughing.


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