2008-04-18 - 8:52 a.m.

I haven't been sick like this in a long, long time. Normally I just get instantly sick and then that is that. Two days tops. But this one just gets worse and worse every day. We are now on day seven and I woke up feeling worse than I did any other time this week. With some stroke of sheer fortune I walked into work last night with no voice and bright red eyes and found out that there were too many servers scheduled so I could go home if I wanted to. I didn't waste any time. I basically ran out of there before anyone else could say they wanted to go. Normally I would have made sure one of the other girls with busier lives (school and kids) didn't want to go. But I had to be selfish.

Had to.

Another drawback of this illness is that my sleep schedule has been a very precise...fall asleep at 10:30 utterly exhausted and wake at exactly 2:26 wide awake. Then I read for a couple hours and fall back asleep exhausted until 8:30.

I still haven't really found a way to help that poor dog in Spain. But Eric called pet meds yesterday to see whether a prescription from a spanish vet would suffice. And it will...the only problem is that we have to get him to send an original, handwritten Rx to us and then we have to send it to pet meds before it can be processed. Which will take weeks. In the meantime I am still looking for an easier way to get the medicine. Which means I need to find a vet willing to write a prescription for me. Or find someone who has a dog with Addison's disease who can just get me a bottle of the percorten.

The cats are outside in their makeshift fence. I am hoping that next week we have the privacy fence going up. So far I haven't had any escape disasters from the makeshift fence. But, I sit here the entire time they are out there and watch them for signs of attempted escape. It's interesting to note the different styles of escape in my cats. Fishy tries to crawl under the fence, Smitten tries to climb the fence and Bear eyes the top of it as though he is calculating the leap.

Our yard, FYI, is phenomenal now that the grass is green. It's going to take me days and days to mow this puppy...but it's so, so pretty. I can't believe how lucky we got with this house. Interior-wise, it's going to take me a long time to make it homey and beautiful (orange counter tops and orange floor tiles have GOT to go) but the basic premise of this house is perfect.

That is all.


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