2008-04-09 - 5:42 p.m.

Remember a month ago when I was tragically unemployed and getting depressed about it?

And how now I have worked eight days in a row and have tomorrow off (but not really because tomorrow involves an airport and any day which involves an airport is NOT a day off) but then I have to look forward to not just my current job for the weekend...but OLD job (with the crazy boss lady) called and asked, desperately, if I could work this weekend. So I have another 30 hours of work scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

I'll be sleeping like a fucking rock by Sunday.

(I am actually excited to work at my old job...because I actually liked my job there as long as I wasn't beholden to crazy boss lady. And because I am not her actual employee she can't tell me to needlessly scrub the toilets three times before I can leave.)

I got my hair cut today and it is beautiful. I also had my eyebrows done. It's been six months since I"ve done anything to my eyebrows. My right brow weighed about fifty pounds more than my left.

That is all.


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