2008-04-06 - 10:08 a.m.

I've been racking my brains trying to think of a question that could be asked that when the answer is dog is met with great delight.

See, I've been speaking meager Spanish with the cooks at work. They were excited to know that I understood Spanish and that I could speak a tiny bit of it. I told them if they speak slowly and use common words I will be fine. So yesterday I was having a pretty decent time of speaking with one of them. He was asking me about my time in Spain and about life in general and then he asked a question and I didn't hear him and I said, "Perdon?" And he got this delighted look on his face and laughed a little and clapped me on the back.

A few minutes later I heard him talking to the other cook and he said something about my answering, "perro" (dog) at which point the other cook said, "OH!!!!" while nodding delightedly.

It's worrisome. And I should probably stop speaking Spanish to them. I would ask them, in English, what I had answered, but they speak English about as well as I speak Spanish.


I think I've planned how to build a tiny little fenced in area for my cats for less than $50. Eric will be horrified when he gets home. He hates half assed stuff. Especially in our yard. I say oh well.

My lips are very very chapped. And that means I will probably get a cold sore.

I had a dream last night that I was a personal trainer at a gym and that someone brought a little black kitten in who hadn't been fed by her mother. So the woman was supposed to bottle feed the kitten but was being lazy about it and wouldn't go to buy the milk even. So I had to do it and I was trying not to get attached to the kitten but I knew I was going to end up with a seventh cat.

In reality I have a lot of anxiety about just that kind of situation happening.

I am already sick of wearing my hair in a pony-tail at work. What a stupid fucking thing that is. I get so irked about the hair/food thing. For one thing, my hair is certainly a lot cleaner than my hands. (not that my hands are dirty and I do wash them hourly...but they are all over everything, you know? I take menus from the hands of 20 people an hour, I touch countless plates and surfaces within that hour and who knows who or what has touched those surfaces before me? But my hair is washed and doesn't touch anything but the air. So what the hell is the gross factor in hair? I have never understood that.)

That is all.


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