2008-04-05 - 10:48 p.m.

First full week of work (almost) completed. My first impressions and thoughts....

The owner is kind of a jackass. I've chosen to ignore him. Really. I totally ignore him. My friend A. (from that first awful job I had) told me that she admires how I never let people treat me like an underling or, less than human. It never occured to me before...but yeah, I don't let people do that. It takes all sorts of methods to get the point across that no, I won't be treated like that. With him the method is ignoring him. Like, not even saying hello to him when he walks in the door.

I don't like working nights there.

I'm not going to make stellar money there...but the type of work I am doing is much more suited for my temperment than a place where people linger over dinner. I like turnover. I like to keep moving. I like to feel like I've been hit by a train at the end of my shift. And I definitely get all that at this place. Just not the best tips. Yet. I think once I am established there I will get a better section and I will be faster and get more turnover.

I distinctly don't like two people I work with. One of them said that she hated her cat and wished it would die and that pretty much sealed that case. The other one is just a total bitch and even though I've already figured out how to get her to not act like a bitch to me....she acts like a bitch to everyone else and it's crappy. She's crappy. She's a bad person.

The place is not set up for efficiency.

I get home sick when I work there. Because I miss my old boss. I don't miss the old job as much as I miss my old boss and the streamline-edness of the process we followed there. That place was VERY set up for efficiency. This place isn't set up to handle as much as it gets. That will drive me bonkers.


I can't wait to get my fucking fence. It's all I can think about. I CAN NOT WAIT to sit outside and read all day. I tried to sit out for a while today but it's just not right. For one thing...the cats are staring at me, longingly, from inside the house and it makes me feel too guilty to enjoy myself. And for another thing...our yard, acre and a half or no, is extremely exposed. It's like sitting in the middle of a football field with a book. I need a fence. Quickly. Also, the deer keep digging up the yard and I am scared to plant anything. Which sucks because I have about fifty tomato seedlings ready to go. And a bunch of flowers.

Fence. Priority. Yes.


I realized today that the reason I don't like walking when the weather is nice is because there are too many people out. It's very annoying.


That is all.


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