2008-03-17 - 7:59 a.m.

Squirrels ate the tulip bulbs that I dug up from my Spanish yard and so carefully smuggled back from Spain in a sock.

It only took them one day to eat all of them out of the ground. I have never had this happen and it's a shame they had to eat my Spanish bulbs and not just some generic bulbs I bought at the grocery store.

I have to go to work earlier than usual today because I have to take the rest of my tests and then...and I get to finally take tables. I am hoping to make at least $33 because yesterday I spent the very last bit of the money I have been hoarding from my last job. I went to the fantastic market we have here to buy lettuce for me and chicken for the cats. I also bought cheese and tomatoes and three strips of bacon to entice the cats with. The total was 32.18. I had 33.00 in my purse. I didn't even plan it that way.

Anyway. When I was walking to my car I heard a turkey!!!! And I started running as fast as I could to where he was and oh...he's so fantastic. HUGE! A HUGE turkey and I talked to him for a few minutes before two annoying eight year olds came over and started screaming in dramatic fake fear at the poor turkey. He left. He went back into his barn. And I left too. Stupid little eight year olds. I'm going back this week when the eight year olds are in school.

That is all.


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