2008-03-14 - 2:43 p.m.

My new job is kind of a disaster. Kind of. But not so much of a disaster that I am already plotting my departure like I did at that last disaster job I had. Basically this new job is a disaster because no one could pull it together enough to train me or even tell me what to do in order to train myself. So I just spent six useless days wandering aimlessly around the restaurant (making 2.65 an hour) trying not to annoy people by asking too many questions. On my third day of doing this I asked someone when I would be able to take tables and actually, you know, WORK? And they said that I had to pass the salad and sandwich test first and so I asked what that consisted of and they told me that I had to memorize the menu description sheet. Which no one had ever given me. So I took the stupid thing home and memorized the stupid salads and sandwiches and then took the stupid tests and passed them and then I said, "Now I get to take tables?" and was told that I had to pass the other FOUR tests before I could do that. Sigh. I just don't understand why someone didn't, on day one, give me the fucking descriptions and tell me that I had to memorize the entire packet before I could take tables. I would have had the thing memorized in two days. I'd be making money now instead of being aimless and wasting my precious time. Precious time.

And I was totally right about the place being kind of sleazy. It's an upscale restaurant (West Bloomfield snobbies) so it's an upscale sleazy...which kind of makes me more sick than just seedy sleazy. Not the waitstaff or the cooks...just the customers and the management. The customers and the management are gross.

In other news. I came home to a decapitated rabbit in our yard yesterday. I was very upset about it.

Also. Our veterinarian from Spain sent us an e-mail yesterday to ask about the cats (specifically Oscar). That's just about the nicest thing I can think of anyone doing in a long, long time.

Also, also...most medicinal drugs (cough syrup, pain killers of the opiate family, most decongestants and the pills I take when I get a cold sore) make me bonkers. I had a cold sore yesterday and took four pills in the course of 24 hours and was a hysterical, crying mess by last night. And it isn't just my normal feels really alien to me and I just can't control it. I know I react this way to cold medicines and pain killers but I had no idea cold sore medicine would do it too. It's really bizarre.

I really have nothing to day. I just wanted an excuse to sit down for a few minutes and drink my delicious mocha. Now I am going to WALK to the gym. Because it's fantastic outside. I missed Michigan spring. Spring in Spain was gorgeous but it just wasn't the same because you aren't emerging from a harsh winter.

That is all.


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