2008-03-11 - 4:38 p.m.

Beginning a new job is torture. Pure torture. I am impatient with it. I want it over with and I want to never have to do this again. Today, for the first time in my entire life, I felt as though I belonged behind the lines with the chef (oh he makes things smell so good there...he is liberal with the garlic and the rosemary and it makes me swoon and today I almost fell over his sizzling mirepoix)and not out in the waiters aisle listening to people bitch about the hostesses.

Yesterday I went to a breakfast restaurant which is closer to my house and I applied for a job. Well, I think I applied for a job. The girl I spoke with was fantastically vague and trying to be so for some unknown reason. And then I might have gotten a little snotty with her which probably made her ball up my "application" (it was a sticky note with my name and phone number on it) and throw it in the garbage. But geez...I walk up to the place and there's a huge sign that says "EXPERIENCED WAITRESS WANTED" and I have more experience than most anybody. So I went to the counter and said I would like to apply and this 19 year old bully type girl looks me over and announces that they don't have applications but to just write my name and phone number down on a sticky note and she'd give it to a manager to put on file for when they are hiring. So I say, "Oh, so you're not hiring?" And she says, "Well, we might be. But we might not be." And I say, "and so that sign in the window means nothing?" And she kind of got bent about that for some reason. OH I turned my sticky note in and left and really hoped they would call me in for an interview because the place felt oh so comfortable and familiar to me and I drove him thinking about how great it would be to have my old breakfast schedule back and to work at a strident pace again.

Then we had a roofer guy incident last night. Which I will discuss at a later date because it was so out of control that it deserves an entry of its own.

Then I woke up this morning and went to the job I do have and all the way there I was thinking that I would just stay there until the breakfast place hires me.

But then....but then...oh, but then.

The manager of the restaurant, as I have mentioned, is from Spain. And one of my favorite things in the whole entire world is when a person from Spain says the word burger. I hadn't realized how much I had missed hearing it until today when the manager guy, in a furious rage about a missing hamburger, screamed at the bartender...."REBECCA! IF YOU MESS UP AGAIN YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE BURGERS!" At which point I totally choked trying not to burst out in delighted laughter and had to go to the bathroom. Sheer joy. So now I realize that I must stay at that job just so I can hear J. say "burger" from time to time.

Also, I have to stay there because even though the menu is full of meat...that chef is brilliant and I like being in a restaurant where there are gargantuan pots of bouillabaisse simmering and every last thing in every menu item is made entirely from scratch. Even the potato chips. It's inspired.

So I will stay there. And probably not like the job very much...but maybe.

That is all.


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