2008-03-05 - 8:49 a.m.

Well, I am employed again. I spent a frantic week making lists of potential places to work and I drove by all of them and I made Eric go to a few places with me...and at the end of all that...there were only two places I was interested in working in. And neither of them is perfect. (and I say that because neither is breakfast and lunch which is what I wanted.) Anyway, I applied at the place I most wanted to work at and then waited a week for them to call me in for an interview. Which never happened. So yesterday on my way to the other place I called to verify that they had received my application and to make sure they weren't going to call me in the near future. The owner of the place was so very polite and gentle and kind on the phone that it almost made me cry when he told me that he had a very solid staff at the moment and that he did not, unfortunately, have any positions open. So I drove the half hour to the other place (I will now have a crappy commute) and when I walked in the door and asked for an application I was immediately swarmed by bar regulars who were all pretty sloshed at 2 in the afternoon. I filled out my application and the hostess told me to wait because the manager wanted to talk to me and ten minutes later I was hired.

The pros are...

-I am employed and will be able to buy eyeshadow again.
-The place is closed on Sunday so that guarantees that Eric and I will be able to spend one day together every week.
-The manager was happy to accommodate my request to work a couple lunches and a couple dinners and NOT to work every Saturday. Which is good because that last place I worked REQUIRED that you work every Friday and Saturday. Which did not allow me to ever go out with my husband. I REALLY like the idea of having a mixed schedule.
-The place was rather busy at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Which is a good sign that I will make some money there.
-I should be able to bartend again. Which will make me happy. Other than serving breakfast, bartending is my favorite restaurant job. In fact, I liked it better than being a breakfast waitress.
-The restaurant is not located in the town where I live. Some might think this is a con...but it is good. I want to be able to enjoy myself in my town and not have work crap get in the way of that.

The cons...
-I am employed.
-A stupid uniform. I will have to wear a fucking tie.
-The bar was full of sleazebags.
-While I am happy that the restaurant is not in my town, I was hoping for something a little closer.
-There is a lot of meat on the menu.
-They have flaming desserts which can only mean disaster for me.
-The restaurant is open until 1:30 in the morning. Which SUCKS.
and finally...
-The manager of the place is from Spain. And I hope he never asks me what my opinion of living in Spain was.

Anyway. I was hoping to find a decent job that WAS NOT in the restaurant world. But nothing pays well. Nothing. I can't believe how terribly people are paid. I saw a posting for a full time bilingual (Japanese/English) account representative that paid NINE FIFTY an hour. That is insulting. I hope the job had a lot of benefits because otherwise I can't understand why everybody isn't a waitress. I couldn't live on $9.50 an hour. No way.

Last night the neighborhood deer herd was in the middle of our yard staring at us through the window. I am really hoping I can resist the temptation to feed them. Feeding wildlife is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

That is all.


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