2008-02-20 - 11:41 a.m.

Well this never happens to people.

Last week we had someone come to look at our water because it tasted and smelled like blood and was turning our hair orange. The guy said our water softener wasn't working and because he didn't have any experience with the type of water softener we have, he told us to call the company and send someone out. He was pretty sure the water softener was kaput and he gave us his prices for new water softeners and we were braced to have to buy a new one.

So the guy from the company came out today, grunted over the softener for about 2 minutes and then announced that nothing was wrong with it but that it had sat idle for too long (the house was vacant before we moved in) and the salt in the bottom had solidified. So he heaved the tank out of the house, ceremoniously dumped a huge salt block into our driveway, heaved the tank back into the house, filled it with salt, tested our water and then gave me a bill for $140. !!!! Whew! That relieves a lot of anxiety. three weeks or so once all the rust sludge clears out of our plumbing system...we will not have blood flavored water anymore!! And I will be able to wash my white clothes again! It will be great!

Also I am going to buy paint! For my bathroom!! I haven't painted a room in years and years and since it's one of my most favorite things to do and I've been deprived, well, this is going to be a great day!! My bathroom is going to be a jewel toned beauty! With plants and candles and clear water! Whoot!

(okay, I am getting way too excited about this)

Not so great...Eric is leaving for Alabama today. This could potentially throw him into a pretty big pit of Europe deprived depression. He's already NOT happy to be living back here...but everyday he gets less and less happy about it because we are so frickin backwards and repressed here. Now he is going to a dry county in Alabama. Which is a huge difference from his previous work trips in Europe where he would go to cool places like Sweden and Paris. Anyway. I hope he doesn't shoot his mouth off about religion while he is down there. It could get ugly. I have to prepare for his Friday arrival home.

I also have to get a job while he is gone. Get a job, paint the bathroom and prepare for a two or three day (justified) rant from my husband.



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