2008-02-19 - 1:41 p.m.

The fence guy was just here to give me an estimate on a giant fence for our giant yard. He was a very nice man and we had a nice (albeit freezing cold) conversation while he was measuring the yard. It wasn't until I said goodbye to him and came back inside that I realized that they entire time I had been talking to him I had been fiddling around with a syringe. I have a bad habit with the insulin syringes I use to give Oscar his shots. I ALWAYS carry them around after the shot and mindlessly play with the plunger. Anyway, I must have been playing with the syringe while talking to my mother on the phone and the guy showed up while I was talking to her so I didn't even think to put the syringe down. I just went to the door and went outside and played with the stupid syringe for the fifteen minutes we were outside.

I'm kind of embarrassed.

And I'm also terribly impatient to get the estimate for the fence. I will be so happy when we get the fence. So so sosososososo happy.


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