2008-02-07 - 10:27 a.m.

I really liked being a housewife in Spain. I'm not liking it so much here. It's kind of in your face here. The grocery store is full of harried/hurried moms with a couple kids in tow (and usually the kids are totally acting like assholes)and otherwise around town there seems to be all sorts of kid events going on throughout the day. And everybody is in a great big hurry. People are standing in their yards talking to the neighbors or the mailperson and they are multi tasking....yesterday my neighbor came bustling out of her house to get her muddy dog out of the mud pit and she was wearing ankle weights and had the telephone in her hand and she shouted hello to me and waved and got the dog while she held the phone against her shoulder with her ear. The other day I saw a woman talking to her neighbor while she was shoveling her sidewalk, the neighbor was unloading her car of groceries and kids. Neither of them stopped what they were doing for a second but they were having a conversation about some school activity. It wasn't just a "hey, how are you?" exchange they were having, they were really having a conversation.

In Spain it wasn't like this at all. Now I want to go back there for a few months so I can investigate this. I never ever saw harried/hurried moms in the grocery stores in the afternoon. Never. Why? Why didn't I ever see that? While I would refer to Spain as pure chaos...their chaos isn't the same kind of chaos as I am beginning to realize we have here. Their children aren't as asshole-ish as ours (although I will say that the Spanish young teen boys were always total fuckers) and there isn't near as much whining and crying and screaming and frenzy involved with the Spanish children.

Anyway...these are just my thoughts. Parents in the United States are doing something wrong, it's pretty evident. European parents seemed much much much more at ease with parenting and life in general.

Snow is wonderful, by the way.


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