2008-01-31 - 3:36 p.m.

I have all sorts of exciting movies arriving from Net flix tomorrow.

And I am scheduled to work tomorrow night.

But if we get all the snow we are supposed to get...well, I am not risking my life to drive the half hour there.

So. I am hoping we get plastered with snow tonight and all day tomorrow. PLASTERED.

I also have garden burger riblets in the freezer. I'd like to sit around in my new fluffy white robe watching movies and snow and eating riblets with mashed potatoes and corn and buttery cornbread.

And no, you're not invited.

I got my hair cut today and it looks terrific. Normally I hate my hair after a hair cut but I love it this time. So much so that I am talking myself out of exercising for the day because if I exercise I will have to shower before we go to dinner and I will then ruin my pretty hair-do.

Maybe I don't really love my hair and am just trying to talk myself out of exercising. Because I've been pretty frickin lazy lately. (well, not lazy exactly...more like overconsumed with things like nesting and major life decisions)

That is all.


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