2008-01-30 - 3:11 p.m.

I got a tan today by sitting in front of the window. I think I need to wear sunscreen on a daily basis even if I am not going outside.

I just spent three hours trying to get my gigantic walk-in closet organized. I have A LOT of clothes. I have eleven short sleeved black t-shirts. ???? Why? Why do I need that many short sleeved black t-shirts?

There are many birds swooping our yard today. I thought birds went away for the winter. Why are they still here? Shouldn't they be in Florida?

Which is where my friend and ex co-worker, A., is today. The whole reason I am working a third week after I gave two weeks notice is that A. had already purchased tickets to Miami and that crazy woman we work(ed) for told her that she couldn't go (even though A. had given her 20 some days to cover her four shifts) because there wasn't anyone to work for her (because Crazy woman had fired everyone). when I gave my two weeks notice I said, "I am giving two weeks notice BUT...I will work A.'s shifts at the end of January." SOOOOOO...that is why I am there a third week. But then, on Sunday, Crazy Woman went over the edge and made A. so upset that A. ended up quitting on the spot. So I am pretty much just working there this week for no reason now. Because I'm not helping A. out, since she quit. It makes me dread, even more, having to go there on Friday. The good news is that I'll be able to say "smartass" things again because I WANT to get fired and because I don't give a shit anymore. It's been awful, for the last three weeks, holding my tongue everytime anything that might be construed "smartass-ey" wants to come out.


I am having chocolate fits. I need brownies.


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