2008-01-13 - 11:47 p.m.

Yesterday, just to add to my misery at this job, I walked out of the bathroom I had just cleaned with toilet paper stuck to my shoe. !!!!! This has never happened to me before (that I am aware of) and I am extremely embarrassed. Fortunately the plate throwing temper tantrum cook caught me before I got too far out into the public.

I am so miserable there. I have to quit. I had planned to, at the end of my shift yesterday, turn over my apron and wine key and announce that I was never coming back. But I suffered a bout of good conscience. And I will go the route of turning in a proper notice. BOOOOOOO! I really didn't want to work any days in the next five days because we have huge huge moving projects to undertake. But...I have to, I will have to undertake the huge moving projects and work. Because I am just concerned with my karma.

Anyway. I am trying not to be a "smartass" around that woman who owns the bar. So basically I just smile at her a lot and agree with everything she says. The funny thing is that by doing that I am being way more of a smartass than I was I committed whatever act is was that prompted her to tell me that I was acting like a smartass and that she didn't like smartasses. So haha.

Otherwise...I've taken to being conspiratorial with my two colleagues. They think I am hilarious and they are horrified that I am planning to leave. We like to whisper about that woman who owns the bar and then act like we were talking about wine when she walks by.

Eric and went to I KEA this evening and bought rugs and lamps and cat tents. It was fun. I haven't really had the opportunity to chose a decor for a home in the last six years. So I am super excited and am the paint sample queen at the moment. I think I am going with caramels and plums. My second task (the first is getting a privacy fence for my cats so they won't get eaten by coyotes or the retriever next door) is to get rid of the bright orange counter tops in the kitchen. I found my dream counter top this afternoon. I must have it. It is sparkly.

Tomorrow morning Eric and I are driving to Fort Wayne to retrieve my storage items. All my books and journals and photos and my bed and furniture and my kitchen stuff (MY MIXER!)'s going to be an emotional day. I am totally ready for it.

Tuesday our stuff from Spain arrives and we will work our asses off to get it all situated before bedtime so I can come back to the apartment and get my cats and move them in so we can all sleep on Tuesday at the new house. It is the goal. Otherwise I will be moving the cats in on Wednesday and then I have to go to work and I really don't want to leave them alone and scared in a new house. So Tuesday we must move them in. To give them time to adjust before we leave them alone.

And...I just found out that I won't have internet for about a week after Wednesday and I am kind of, totally, freaking out. I just invited a whole buncha people to play scrabulous with me and now I won't be around to play.



That is all.


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