2008-01-12 - 1:49 a.m.

Ha ha.

So the short of the long story.

We bought a house.

I accidentally chew a prescription strength pain killer on my way to work.

My boss tells me that I am a smartass and that she does not like smartasses and so I need to work on my attitude around her because smartasses make her crazy. (and I feel like saying that a lot of other things must make her crazy too because she is on crazy overload.)

I smile and tell her that I understand, a lot of things make me crazy too (and I'm thinking, for example, of people who treat other people like total shit...yes, that makes me crazy).

I consider walking out...but I am a professional and mostly I just can't wait to tell this whole story to my ex boss in Kalamazoo who will think this whole thing is hilarious.

I make $140 and get a free glass of wine and tell people in a cryptic manner...goodbye...because I don't plan to go back tomorrow. Especially because one of the cooks is scary crazy and might stab someone someday soon. I asked him for a bandaid tonight and he honest to goodness threw a plate at the wall.

I decide on my way to the car that I need to stick it out for my scheduled shifts. Because that is the decent human thing to do.
But geez. It's so difficult to be a decent human when no one else around you is participating.


I am really not a smartass...nor am I annoying enough to induce throwing plates at walls. Anyone I ever worked with will find this all very strange and hilarious. I am an excellent employee and an excellent colleague. I should not be feeling as though I am not either of those things.

I need to get out of this business. Quickly.

Or at least, I need to own my own place so I can treat people nicely.

That is all.

(oh, and I got to sign a couple papers today and it was enough for me to feel symbolically attached to the house. So that is good.)


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