2008-01-09 - 4:08 p.m.

I have to stop talking baby talk to my cats. Today I called to make an appointment with a doctor so my three year old sinus infection can finally be taken care of and, when describing my symptoms to the nurse said, "...and it is really painful on my gums when I brush my teefers."

Teefers having come directly from this type of interaction with Oscar...

"You can't bite me you silly butt, you only have three teefers."


"You poor old kitty, you don't got no teefers."


"Moosh a moosh, how are your wittle teefers today?"

This behavior must end. I'm turning into a moron.


I have an appointment early early tomorrow, so by noon I will know whether or not my self diagnosis of brain tumor is correct. Also, maybe my sinus cavity won't be set on chronic burn.

We are probably closing on that house on Friday. Yay! (ish) I kind of tried to tell everyone that I didn't want to close on a day when I worked because I'd like to go directly from the closing to the house and spend a large amount of time there bonding. It's symbolic to me to do that. But no one listens to me any more. (I'm having some issues with that and with no one understanding me or at least respecting those things about me that they don't understand, but we'll save that for another time) But...I guess it's good to close as soon as possible. So I'll go to the closing and then directly to work. And I'll be pissy about it all night. Boo hoo.

That is all.


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