2008-01-02 - 10:52 a.m.

I have coldsores. This makes me crazy.

The first coldsore appeared the day before New Years Eve. I was half hoping that it would get large enough (and disgusting enough) looking that my boss wouldn't want me serving the public with the fester lip on my face. Because I really didn't want to work on New Years Eve. At all. First of all because I had a coldsore, second of all because I knew we were going to put an offer in on that house in the morning and it would have been nice to celebrate that instead of rushing home afterwards in order to get to work and thirdly because Eric doesn't like to be alone on New Years. But...the first coldsore never got big enough to be festering (I had taken some valtrex), so I went to work and had a whopping TWO tables in the 5 hours I was there. It was a pretty miserable night. The owner lady and the head chef were in rare form that night and every five minutes or so an argument would break out. Anyway...I came home at about 10 and Eric had set up a party for the two of us. Complete with noise makers and hats and every single favorite food of mine that he could find ready made at the grocery store. I have no idea what I am going to do with all the leftover food. I have enough dessert items to last a year now. (baklava, cheesecake, hersheys chocolate, peanut butter cups, cookies, ice cream and chocolate cake) But it was cute and fun and a nice end to the year.

So the next two coldsores came yesterday. I woke up and made eggs benedict and...of course...set off the smoke alarms because even the merest hint of cooking smoke sets the fuckers off. (I HATE THIS APARTMENT) The sound of the smoke alarms made the coldsores spit out of my lips and within five minutes I had full blown coldsores on the other side of my lip from the first coldsore. And these two sores are big, festering sores. But I really want to work for the next three days (so I have money to buy new things for my new house!!!!) so I am applying every last thing I can find to these sores in hopes of clearing them up by tomorrow evening when I have to go back to that place I work.

Today I have to drive to Milford to give a check to the realtor for our earnest money. Then I am going to take a walk. The thing I am most excited about concerning our home purchase is that I will be able to walk again. I can open my front door and go for a long, long walk. I am also very excited about being reunited with all my cookbooks. I left about 20 of them in storage 3 years ago when we moved to Spain. And I've been without my other cookbooks since November 7 when I left Spain. I will have them all in one spot now! Whoo hoo!

So that is all. I'll talk about our new house some other time. She's not very pretty but she's energy efficient and heated by the sun (there isn't even a furnace in the house) and she has a huge yard (an acre and a half) and is in the best location of any house we looked at. We will have deer in our yard but we will still be able to walk into town.

We are very excited.


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