2007-12-28 - 11:21 p.m.


In addition to totally not wanting to be at that place where I work this evening...I had cramps and my favorite dishwasher walked out because he was tired of being yelled at all the time by the owner of the place...and right after he walked out the woman who owns the place fired a hostess because the hostess gave her a mean look or something stupid like that. It was a really crappy night and I am seriously wondering whether I should waste my New Years Eve by going in to work. I mean, if I am not going to be there very long, what's the point of wasting a holiday night and leaving my husband alone? Tomorrow better be better. Since I've worked there (one month), two people have been fired and one person has walked out. That's not very good considering that there were only ten employees there when I started.

Tomorrow morning we are going to look at the house that I hope we buy. Eric hasn't seen it yet but I have. When I looked at it it was still priced to high to be considered because it didn't have any of the things we were looking for. But now that it is 40,000 less...well, we could add things. Plus, the place has an acre and a half of land. !!!!!! I really, really, really, really, really hope we buy it and we don't lose it. Also, I really hope Eric likes it. Because my patience with this sort of thing is wearing thin. Anyway...I hope we buy this house but be prepared if we do because in a few weeks I will be bitching about the color of the tile in there. It's orange. And we all know how I feel about orange.

That is all. It is windy right now. I hope we don't get a blizzard that hinders my home buying. Fuck blizzards.


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