2007-12-08 - 10:50 p.m.

I have to leave for work in ten minutes. I wasn't supposed to work tonight, but someone is sick. Last weekend someone called in too. So it looks pretty solid that I will be able to work three days a week even if I am only scheduled for two. And that's a good thing. Now I need a day job too. I'm enjoying making money.

Because one of these days, when we are all caught up with our bills, I am going to enjoy spending this money that I am making. I need new shoes, a new coat, new glasses, new cat toys, and a CD player for my car.

Anyway. I'm still not jiving with life. I'm not sure exactly what I am here for other than to take care of my cats and to periodically explain to my mother that drawing witches circles around houses so they won't sell is using magic for evil, not good. I'm pretty burned out. I didn't think the lack of sunshine would get to me this quickly.

My internet viewing time for Net flix was reset today so I now have seventeen hours of mindless TV watching in front of me. And because I can't ever limit myself to a tiny bit...I'm sure I will watch all 17 hours by Monday.

You can understand why I am disgusted with myself?

Anyway...I hope to make a lot of money tonight. I'm wearing blush so I look more alive than I feel.

That is all.


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