2007-11-27 - 3:13 p.m.

Well, my cat Oscar is all fucked up again. His mouth is raging with sores and he is drooling all the time and wants to eat but can't and damn...this is just the worst fucking thing that can happen to a cat. This flare up of stomatitis leads me to understand the role of stress in it and I have promised him that after one more move (which I will try to keep secret from him until the house is ready, totally ready, for him to move into) I will not subject him to any more stressful situations. Anyway...I took him to a new doctor yesterday because the laissez-faire attitude of the first doctor I took him to here was just not acceptable. I CAN'T just wait to see what happens. So I took him to the new doctor and she spent more than an hour with us and I walked out of there with a referral to an animal dentist with a digital X-ray machine that will get more detail about Oscar's mouth and I also walked out of there with basically every known or suspected soother of this disease. Interferon, vitamin B, a morphine based pain killer, antibiotics and L-Lysine. She also confirmed that Oscar should probably have his remaining teeth taken out. She said that she had a clinic cat with the same disease and she did everything she could find for years in order to alleviate his symptoms...but in the end, the only thing that worked was taking out every last tooth and root. So boo. I have to keep remembering that Oscar didn't even seem to notice when he had his other teeth taken out. I am going to apply for another a wine bar...and then I am driving to South Lyon where I will walk to all the houses I might want to look at there. Then I am getting Indian takeout and beer. Netflix movies are going to arrive today and I am terribly excited about this whole Netflix thing. I had no idea it was so cool. I have yoga DVD's arriving next and I have 12 of them in my queue. Whoo-hoo! Yoga is exactly what I need right now. As soon as I get some other things settled (like a job) I am going to find a yoga class. And a ballet class. Yoga and ballet are the two most soothing things I know. I wish I could apply them to Oscar's raging gumline.

I don't really want the job at the wine bar, but I am being oddly lazy about searching out a job I really want. The intention had been to visit every breakfast restaurant in the area and apply to any that seemed like a good match. But so far I've just applied at the one place and I have a strange reluctance to search any further. I am being extremely NOT proactive about all of this. I'm only applying at the wine bar place because I saw the ad on Craig's list and because I am (obviously) very qualified for such a job. It would be kind of stupid not to apply.

In other news...when I moved here I got a pay as you go phone because I wasn't sure which service was good around here and after having spent the last couple years of my previous American life strapped to a stupid contract with the worst cell phone company on the planet. So I figured a month with a pay as you go would tell me whether or not I was happy with the company or not. Well...ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS OVER THE COURSE OF TWO WEEKS IS RIDICULOUS. Totally. I am so agitated about it. How can these companies charge that much for pay as you go? All phones should be pay as you go and it shouldn't costs 10 cents a frickin minute. Jackasses. Argh. So now I have to get another stupid phone. This was the worst choice I have ever made. Aside from that one time when I decided to sell everything I own and move to Spain.

Speaking of...Eric handed the keys back to the owner of our house this morning. And then he boarded a plane and went to Germany where he'll be until Christmas. I am oddly jealous. He'll be spending the holiday season in Christmas market heaven. Any time I am reminded of that trip we took to Vienna during Christmas time...all I want to do is just go back to those three days. Boo. Anyway, we are both very relieved that the whole Spanish thing is completely over now. We need to put our lives back together. Totally.

So that is all.

Job. Houses. Phone. Indian food. Movies.



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