2007-11-27 - 11:44 p.m.

I knew this was going to happen.

I have two jobs now.

One starts tomorrow and the other probably starts this weekend.

And tomorrow is.....devil cramp day.

I tried like hell to avoid starting that job tomorrow, I told the woman who hired me that I was available any day for next month, EXCEPT tomorrow. I made a hasty excuse that did not involve the words 'copious amounts of ibuprofen' or 'PAIN like you would never know'. But...she really, really wanted me to start tomorrow so I could train with the one person there who knows anything. So I agreed. I can make it, just this once. And maybe by next month I will have whatever this problem is taken care of. Right? I just hope I don't get the devil cramps that make me cry. That would not be good. the two job thing...

I applied at that breakfast restaurant and had an interview and then followed up by going in to meet the general manager. She told me that she would be hiring in December. So I went home and thought about it and realized that monetarily and emotionally, December WILL not work for me. (even if December is this week) So I sent her an e-mail and basically said- hey, if you are going to hire me in December, why not just hire me and train me now and I'll just be there, available, should anyone need a shift covered. Because I don't have any certain schedule I have to work or anything like that. Well, I didn't hear anything back from them and I figured that was it. So I went out today and applied at the wine bar (oh I love it!) in Plymouth and I got the job and I start tomorrow. So I went out and bought new black pants and a black sweater (which is going to be BEDAZZLED tomorrow with the restaurant name!! Totally my kind of place!) and then went and got Chinese take-out for celebration and when I got home there was a message from the other restaurant saying they would get in touch with me tomorrow to tell me which day I could come in for training. I guess this is good though. Because we certainly could use a money boost.

So that is all. Oscar is still having a hard time eating and he looks very unhappy. I am calling the dental vet tomorrow and attempting to get an earlier appointment. I don't know how many days I can let this poor cat feel like this. (he played for three minutes today, that was a good sign, but not good enough)

Chinese now.


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