2007-11-17 - 3:33 p.m.

If I look out the window right now I will see my lovely silver Civic sitting in the parking lot. That makes me happy. It does not feel like my car yet...but I know it will. She's not the four door I used to insist upon...but her two doors made her a steal, so what can you do? Two doors make her look boring, incomplete. I will get bumper stickers that say profound things. And I will hang sparkling things from the mirror. I will spill coffee on the floor and have hundreds of dollars in change prattling about the interior nooks and crannies. Then, then she will be my car.

Anyway. It feels incredibly good to have my own car again. To come and go whenever I want without having to arrange times or dropping someone off at work first.

Today I am getting my hair cut. !!!!!

I am also going to have to exercise today. It's been over a week. Yesterday I was ready to snap. I get mean when I don't exercise. Yesterday I had had it. It was probably a good thing Eric left the country yesterday afternoon. (but he can come back now, please.)

We made an offer on a house. A house that is selling for $200,000. This sticker price freaked both of us out because when I left the country a few years ago, $200,000 would buy you a mansion (Okay, not a mansion, but a really, really nice house with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms AND a big yard). When Eric left this country EIGHT years ago, $200,000 would buy you a town. But this house was just a house...a fantastically beautiful house that was chock full of character and charm...and we were going to think about our offer but then someone else put in an offer and under pressure we had to do the same. If it had been the next day we would have been more informed and would have made a better starting offer...but as it was, we made a crappy offer and it was rejected and I wanted to cry but didn't and Eric claimed to be relieved (though I think disappointed) and then the next day we found out (by looking at other $200,000 houses) that even selling at list price, that house had been a great deal. HOWEVER...the next day when the realtor called and said we could make another offer on it...we still couldn't pull ourselves together enough to put a decent offer in on it. And today I am kicking myself. But I know that it is better this way and that we better back off the $200,000 houses because buying at that price means that I HAVE to work (and we are kind of trying to avoid the "HAVE TO" part of my working for various reasons such as...I'm going to have to grow up and get a degree) and that we won't have much money left for travel. And if Eric isn't travelling, he will die. So. Boo. No beautiful house. There is another house we are looking at but it isn't in the town we wanted to live in. So on Tuesday I am going to spend all day in that town, to see if I like it there, and then we will think about making the offer. That house is not beautiful but the yard is a fucking daydream. It is half an acre and has a creek going through it. And a willow tree. And a huge garden with asparagus and raspberries already established. And a mature perennial garden. If the house (and yard) were in the desired village we would have bought it without hesitation. Just like we would have bought the super beautiful house at full price...if it had had a fireplace and a second bathroom. There is always a sticking point. I feel fine that we are sticking, because we learned our lesson with that Spanish house. We need to stick to our desires. However, I only have about a week to find a house. Unless we want to pay $2000 to live in this apartment for another month. Which would kind of make me throw up. Not because I am not enjoying living in the apartment, but because of the $2000 thing.

And this whole Canton area. Could I really pay $2000 to live here for another month? This whole area is a nightmare. Too much traffic and too much stuff but none of it is interesting. I am so sick of Ford Road that I am already, after a mere week, plotting round about ways to get here and there that don't involve going anywhere near that road. The only shining point about Canton is the Holiday Markte. What a fantastic store.

So that is all.


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