2007-11-11 - 11:30 p.m.

I think we found a house. But there are certain issues that need to be thought through before we make an offer on it. I say "I think we found a house" but really, I KNOW we found a house. It is perfect. It is beautiful. It is wonderful. But then there are those personal issue things that are getting in the way and which are making me incredibly tired. Or maybe I am just incredibly tired because of the ordeal of these past five years. I don't know. Whatever. I am fucking tired.

I bought books today. I had briefly forgotten that I didn't need to buy a years worth of books in one trip and by the time I remembered that I LIVE HERE NOW, I already had five books tucked into my arm. And I was only halfway throught he fiction section. So I made myself leave without browsing any longer. Because I know I would have come back with fifty books.

My cats are LOVING having carpeted floors. They are running around at top speed and then coming to skidding stops before they start flipping and rolling around on the carpet. It's hilarious. They used to do that at my old house in Vicksburg but they never did it in Spain. I had thought they had just outgrown the activity...but apparently they just don't act like that on ceramic floors.

Living in an apartment is kind of cool. The other day the washing machine broke and I called the girl that leased us the apartment and within TWO minutes there was a maintenance guy at the door and he had the washer fixed within five minutes. That was awesome. I am already so over living in that house in Spain. So over it. Eric told me this morning that he is dreading going back to close up the house and I don't blame him. Now that I am in a warm, comfortable and functioning home there is no way I would go back to that house where we couldn't even use two stove burners at the same time without blowing a fuse.

So that is all. Tomorrow we are looking at more houses (even though I don't feel there is any need to do so) and Tuesday we will probably go to Muskegon so I can see Eric's parents and so I can go to the doctor about the sinus infection I've had for the last year. Wednesday will be car buying day and Thursday Eric heads back to Spain and Germany until Christmas. During those weeks that he is gone I will be getting a job and moving into a new house. It's going to be a big two months. It's already been a big two months.

I can't believe how tired I am.


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