2007-11-09 - 2:55 a.m.

Well, that's all over now. I probably don't ever have to worry about my cats on airplanes again. They are all here safely and they are oddly already very comfortable in the new dwellings. I was surprised by their adaptability when we moved to Spain too.

Eric is asleep downstairs on the couch with a basketball game playing on the TV and I am pretending that's he's not leaving again in a few days. It's really crappy that he's not going to be back until Christmas. I keep hoping that something changes so he doesn't have to leave for so long.

I am exhausted. Really, thoroughly exhausted.

We found a nice grocery store this evening and bought a whole ton of cheese and beer and bread. The plan had been to read magazines and eat cheese and bread and tomatoes but Eric fell asleep and I can't keep my eyes open any more. So I guess I should say goodnight.

And yay! Kitties are here!


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