2007-10-29 - 7:28 p.m.

Time changes are weird. This one came about without either of us realizing that it was even pending. We just looked at the computer clock late Sunday morning and it was an hour earlier than we expected it to be and we were like, "whoa, weird." The United States hasn't changed yet (right?) and I suppose the time change there will occur just when I arrive. So I can experience two time changes this season. In addition to the jet lag I will have. (actually, I don't get jet lag when I go back to the States. I am already on perfect States time. I wake up at noon here, which is 6 am in Michigan and I go to bed at 4 am here which is 10 pm in Michigan. So I am a real human in Michigan, it's great.)

In other news. Today I packed my first suitcase. And my bathroom is pretty much prepared for my departure. I threw away at least 20 partially full bottles of hairspray, mousse or gel. Normally I would have just brought them back with me...BUT...I MOVED these partially full bottles of hairspray, mousse and get with me to Spain from Vicksburg. I never used any of them but thought it a waste to throw them away. So I just had them shipped across the ocean with me. That's not a waste. Geez.

What else? I am currently sleeping every other night. I slept last night so that means that tonight I will not sleep. This is tiresome. I cannot wait to get this move over with.

There is talk about having a going away party this coming weekend. I am annoyed by this. There are maybe three people I would like to say a prolonged (and by prolonged I mean, have dinner with) goodbye to. Eric insists, however, that there are many other people that will want to say goodbye to me. Which is bullshit. He just wants to have a party. At least I've talked him out of having the party at our house. If it were up to me I would spend my remaining days in Spain doing nothing unusual. I like my days here and I would like to keep my routine going until I leave. It's comforting. My happiest days in Spain have been the days when my routine was perfectly orchestrated. I don't say goodbye to people. I think goodbyes are stupidly ridiculous. I mean, the kind of goodbyes that we are talking about here. I'll say a sad goodbye to Eric when I won't see him for a couple weeks...but that's different. Most of the people here that I am supposed to say goodbye to will never be seen again, never be heard from again...nothing. So it's pointless, in my book, to say goodbye. It is, and pardon me for being a bitch, a waste of my time. I'd rather be in front of the fire with a glass of wine and relative silence.

Eric is in Germany again today. He's been travelling a lot for work lately. I am actually used to him not being here during the week now. Which is a weird feeling.

I am still in my pajamas. It is almost 8 in the evening. This will be one of those days when I change out of my pajamas just to get into clean pajamas for sleeping.

I was unable to find shipping stickers for my kitty kennels. If you live in Spain and you need "Live Animal" or "this side up" stickers for your kennels (these stickers are REQUIRED, by the way) are screwed. As far as I know. I even had my friend U. look for them and she can find anything in Spain. But she couldn't find them. So I had to make them myself by stealing images from label websites and then printing them on label paper and laminating them. They look almost perfect. But it was a huge pain in the ass and I still have three more kennels to finish be-stickering. Actually, if I wasn't so insane I wouldn't have had to make my own stickers. I had ordered enough for the kennels (you have to have at least two sides labelled with the "live animals") and had Eric bring them back here with him. But I feel as though I need to label ALL SIDES of the kennels TWICE with the stickers. Because I don't want any confusion.

Speaking of the cats...they have no idea that anything weird is going on. Which is great. When we moved here the cats were freaked out for months prior to the move. This time I've managed to keep myself under control enough not to freak them out. They all think that life is just plain good right now. And probably better than good because I've been buying all their favorite foods and letting them outside longer than usual and making more servings of boiled chicken per day than I usually do and instead of playing in the yard with them (with their string toys) for half an hour a day, I've been pretty much running around the yard once an hour with their string toys. I want them to get the most out of their last days in Spain. Eric and I didn't have such a great life in Spain...but the cats had a perfect life. Even with all the problems they had (the diabetes diagnoses and all that THAT involves, the ongoing gingivitis Oscar has, the time Fish got stuck in the car engine, Bubby almost dying three days after we arrived here, Smitten getting traumatized by the blackberry brambles, Smudge almost choking on his own hairball....blah blah blah.) they had a really nice life here and I don't think they are ever going to have such perfection again in their lifetimes. (perfection being temperate climate that allows them to sit outside all year AND...a walled in yard which offers them safety...perfection being that I am here almost all the time so they can have their boiled chicken whenever they want it (and also lots of squish time) and they have a human being to drag a string around the yard for them to chase. Perfection being a huge house which can accommodate six cats easily with private spots for all of them.)

I need dinner.

I am still eating a tomato every day because by the time I get to Michigan it will be mushy tomato time. I've gotten very used to year round non-mushy tomatoes.

That is all.


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