2007-10-08 - 6:37 p.m.

Ha. Well. My psycho-ness cost me $234.00 today.

And it kind of makes me laugh. I mean, that amount of money doesn't make me laugh...but my psycho-ness does.

Remember when my ticket was booked for my move here and I freaked out because it was not the right route/airplane? And then it had to be changed?

It would seem like we would have learned our lesson from that and we would have made certain of the details before we confirmed the ticket purchase. But no. We didn't.

So this is what happened.

Eric had the travel agent book our tickets for our move. I had stated, on more than one occasion, that I needed this stuff booked through KLM or Northwest because I HAVE TO fly across the ocean on the Airbus A330. Because.

Because it is the only airplane that I am even remotely comfortable in. Because it is the only airplane that has a personal video system for each seat. Which means I can get on board and within twenty minutes of take off begin watching movies. And I continue watching movies (and drinking wine), back to back, for the entire flight. Because, as we all know, I am terrified of flying. And the other option, without the personal video system, is to sit in my seat plastered to the window, trembling, for the entire trip. It makes it so much easier when I can lose myself, for certain lengths of time, in movies. It really, really, really helps with the fear of flying thing. I can handle short trips in planes...but that nine hours over an ocean is torture without that personal video screen.

So anyway...I never even thought to look at the airplane used for the trips from Amsterdam to Detroit because as far as I had known they exclusively used the Airbus for those flights. Yeah well...they do, except for the flight I was booked on. Which uses a "modified" 757. HAHAHA. Like I'm getting on a modified ANYTHING. Also and more importantly, the 757 only has the personal video screens in business class. And I'm not, obviously, booked in business class. make a long and stupid story short....I spent an hour today changing my ticket so that I can fly on the stupid Airbus. And because of our oversight...I had to pay $200+ to change the ticket. If either of us had looked at the actual reservation prior to okaying it we would not have had to pay that $200+. This totally sucks. I am such a baby. But I really couldn't handle the thought of that nine hours without the movies. ESPECIALLY considering the fact that my cats are flying with me and I am going to be completely and totally bonkers about THAT already.


If you haven't already...go back one entry and read about Jesus. Because he needs good thoughts.

That is all.

I am totally freaking out.

But damn...curry night is just four nights away. I'll get there.


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