2007-10-07 - 12:40 p.m.

Can someone walk down to the movie rental place and get my movies for me?

And make something delicious for dinner?

And make the bed for me?

And finish making the ginger sorbet I am impatiently making? (first thing I am buying for my new kitchen is an ice cream maker.)

And take the garbage out?

And do my usual chores for me? (litter boxes, dishes, floor sweeping, watering flowers, laundry)

Because this is supposed to be my party day* (whoo hoo, one month before I leave!!) and I want to go sit in the sun by the pool for the rest of the day. So, while you're out at the movie place, pick me up a bottle of that beautiful white wine I like so much.

*I think I've decided NOT to have the party today (although, I will still eat the ginger sorbet) because the more I think about it...who the hell wants to celebrate the "in a month I will be" day when the reality of it is that a month from today I will be embarking on an eighteen hour travel day AND I'll be going knowing that when I step out these doors I will be, for all intents and purposes, homeless, carless and living for the next two months with whatever I can stuff into four suitcases. AND...I'll have three of my darlings to worry about. AND...even once I arrive on terra firma at the end of the eighteen hours, I will still have anxiety due to the fact that the next day my other four darlings will be embarking on the same journey I just completed. So I think that I need to wait until the ninth to celebrate my one month from today thing. Because one month from the ninth I will have my darlings under one roof again...across the ocean from here...and life can begin again. (and I'll be stuffing my face with Morningstar Farms and Garden Burger products.)


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