2007-10-01 - 5:31 p.m.


The cat was doing just fine after his surgery and then today he suddenly appears to be in pain. So of course I am incapable of doing anything productive because I feel that I need to sit and stare at him constantly. His appointment is not until 6:30 and so I've been just been sitting here taking up the time between staring sessions with looking up things about being a foster parent. Because that is something I am seriously considering doing once we get settled. But that's a huge thing to think about doing and I need to be prepared. (I should probably also talk to Eric about it.)

So then I decided I had gathered enough information about the foster parenting for a day and decided to look up blood donation. Because Eric had told me that because I have lived in a foreign country I am ineligible to ever donate blood. Which may be partially true. He is, for sure, ineligible because he's been in Europe for seven years now. I've only been here three and from what I understand it is five years that makes you ineligible. I still have to wait three years, once I return to the US, to donate. But that's better than never. I need to ask someone more informed than a webpage about all this. All this reading about blood donation is making my feet throw up. No one knows what I am talking about when I talk about my feet throwing up. Except my Aunt Jeezus. She knows exactly what I am talking about and it might have been her, in fact, who coined the phrase.

Anyway. I can leave in 20 minutes so I will go stare at the cat for the remaining time.

Wish him well. It's not fair that he has to be in pain. He was perfectly healthy before I took him in for that stupid biopsy. I feel that I did the wrong thing.

UPDATE: The cat and I just returned from the vet. His X-ray says there is nothing wrong, no stitched together intestines falling apart or anything like that. The vet thinks it's an upset stomach...which is allowable. He is more comfortable now that he's had an antacid. I, on the other hand, have decided that this day was crappy and am drinking wine now. Because I am uncomfortable.


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