2007-09-30 - 9:25 a.m.

I am finding that there are certain phrases that immediately turn me away when I am going through home listings.

For example...

"dollhouse" Which apparently means, tiny, tiny little house that has something cute about it. It makes me want to throw up.

"popular subdivision" Again, makes me want to throw up.

"all sports lake" At first this sounds good, right? But...I've spent a lot of time living on lakes. On all sport lakes. Jet ski noise makes me C-R-A-Z-Y and the smell of gasoline on my skin after I get out of the lake in the summer? Scary. For the most part I guess that inland lakes are annoying. Unless you are a lucky preson who has found a rather uninhabited lake.

"walking distance to downtown" Okay, so this would be ideal. I like living walking distance to downtown anywhere. But what I am finding is that walking distance to downtown means stupidly high propery taxes. Which was okay when I was living in a house with $290 house payments. But high taxes just won't work for me anymore. Unfortunately. I really want to live in walking distance to downtown.

"foreclosure" This just makes me sad and I feel awful just looking at the listing.

"new carpet" One: I have six cats and two: carpet is gross. I was horrified by the amount of dirt and dust under the carpet pad when I ripped up my ten year old carpet in my old house. And I even had one of those super sucker vaccums AND a steam cleaner. So that was just scary. I hate carpet. I've really enjoyed living with all tile.

"motivated seller" I don't believe that for a second. I mean, everyone is motivated to sell but when used in these listings I get the impression that they are using it in order to brain wash you into thinking that the listing price is the BEST POSSIBLE price so you don't even need to haggle it. I would respond to a "desperate seller" ad. But not "motivated".

Oh...I am sure there are more but I can't think of any. I can't wait for my perfect house to come up for sale. I wish people would knock it off with this "house sales at lowest point in X years" crap. It's scaring people and they are not listing my perfect house. Seriously, I've talked to three people who are putting their homes up for rent rather than selling them because right now "is not a good sellers market". In my opinion I think right now is going to be the best time to sell your house if you didn't already sell it in the last few years. But what do I know (except everything)?

(I just made fried green tomatoes with gravy for breakfast. Is that bad?)


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