2007-09-21 - 5:52 p.m.

Well's the story about the green Ford.

Eric has been looking (gleefully) on AutoTrader for cars for me. We are looking for something CHEAP (but not as cheap as I used to get, haha, I can't believe I once set out to buy a $500 car!) that will get me safely through the winter and into a good portion of next year. Something we can pay cash for so we don't have car loans on our credit while we are trying to buy a house. I can go, at this very instant, to AutoTrader and find my perfect car for a perfect price. I am very specific about my cars. I want a silver Honda Accord, year 92-whenever the price starts getting stupid, with a manual transmission. I will happily drive a silver Honda Accord for the rest of my life. I love my silver Honda Accords.

But you know boys, my perfect car to Eric has something seriously wrong with it and "isn't worth that price"....Eric will spend hours and hours looking at cars and he'll call me in to look at one and at first I was gullible enough to think, "Oh yay!! He finally found a silver Honda Accord that is up to his standards!!" But's usually something completely opposite of what I want. So finally I told him that if he couldn't find my silver Honda Accord then please, I beg, I don't want a car that is the color green, and I will only drive a Honda...or a Toyota or a Hyundai or even a Nissan or a Mazda. BUT NOTHING ELSE. And, the most important thing is that I want a manual transmission. I hate, despise and despair over automatic transmissions. They make me crazy. I get all whacked out when driving an automatic. I need the motions.

Anyway, he told me I had a lot of criteria and he wasn't sure he could meet all of that. WHICH IS RIDICULOUS. So I am expecting that he will end up buying for me a green Ford with an automatic transmission. Because you know...that's just completely and utterly not what I want in any terms. (nothing against your green Ford, Blaze. It's just that I personally hate the color green and I personally dislike Fords (for no apparent reason) but that doesn't mean that I think other people are ridiculous for driving them. They fit some people to a T.)

Speaking of green. We really need to come up with a new word for "green" in the environmental sense. When we were going to be moving to Germany I had told one of my friends that I was excited because Germany was classified as one of the greenest countries on earth. She replied, "Really? They have more trees and forests than the U.S.? So the other day I was telling my mother about this green Ford thing and I said that I really, under any circumstance didn't want a green car and she asked, "Why not? Why wouldn't you want to do something good for the environment and with gas prices where they are...." Why can't we just say environmentally conscious? Geez.

I boiling artichokes at this very moment. I am very excited to be eating my artichokes.

And Eric is in Hungary and I am finding myself a little jealous. It's funny because now he can go anywhere in Western Europe and I'm like..."eh" because you know, been there, done that even if I haven't been there done that. But Hungary...I hope it's like a different world. He needs a little life boost right now.


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