2007-09-21 - 9:44 a.m. wasn't that interesting...but...just because you are wondering...

Eric came home yesterday morning. Since I refuse to drive anymore (this is a different story) he arrived by taxi and it was fantastically fantastic to not have to pick him up at the airport. Anyway, as is the case whenever the Boy departs or arrives, it takes me a day to adjust so I was feeling a little off kilter, but good, so good because of the no airport pickup thing. (I am so not going to miss driving back and forth to the airport all the time.)

So...I made some breakfast and tended to my routine chores and then came into the office where Eric tells me that the HR fuck from his new office has written him an e-mail saying that they were unable to find us temporary housing that would accommodate six cats and that "they cannot waste any more resources continuing the search" so it is up to us to find a place. So I start to panic because I figure that someone that does this type of thing on a daily basis (finding temporary housing for corporate world people) surely must have exhausted all possible avenues in this search. Because it had been two weeks since they said they had started looking and because they must have all sorts of contacts for things like this. So I thought we were done for. That I would have to find some cat boarding place that would take my cats AND ME for a couple months.

So I brushed my teeth. Because that always makes me focus. And then I demanded that Eric book a ticket next week to Michigan and that he buy a house immediately. Because that was the only option.

Then I sat down and started a little search of my own for temporary housing and after one hour not only had I found an apartment that was willing to accept six cats and had flexible leasing options, but I already had the application process rolling. I should, apparently, get a job in HR.

The apartment is still not a done deal, we still have to get approval on the price and have our application accepted by the apartment leasing agency...but you know, it's a relief to have something moving.

End of panic for the day. But panic of that sort just hollows me out.

So then Eric and I went to the beach for a run(Eric)/walk(me) and we came home and I started to make dinner. While I was walking a new recipe idea had occurred to me and so I experimented and ended up doing something so fantastic with seitan that I got all cocky about my abilities in the kitchen, I believe at one point I even said to myself, "You are really good," and ended up burning the holy fuck out of the casserole I was making. Fortunately I had not yet added the seitan or the rosemary cheddar biscuit topping so we were able to eat the seitan plain (which is how it should have been enjoyed because it was so good) and I baked the biscuits and ate one this morning with scrambled eggs. And it was phenomenal and now I am glad I burned the holy fuck out of the casserole. the time I got dinner on the table (salad and baked provolone) Eric was already asleep on the couch. So it was all pretty much wasted.

So I went to bed.

And then, when I woke up at 7:00 I decided that I better drive Eric to the airport even though I refuse to drive anymore. Because apparently I can't handle the thought of him paying $50 for a taxi ride and since this is a personal trip he making and not a business trip, the money would have come out of our pockets. And I am very frugal. So I drove him to the airport and now I am watering the lawn and late I am going to the gym and then I am packing a suitcase of stuff for Eric to take back to Michigan next Friday. Because even though we probably have found a place to live...he is going to fly to Michigan to look at a couple houses and TO BUY ME A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't fucking wait. !!!!!!!!! But he better not buy me a green Ford with an automatic transmission or I will kill him. (this is another story too)

That is all.


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