2007-09-18 - 5:58 p.m.

I get so excited when I order my cat food on-line. I obsessively go to the webpage and look at my order again and again. Just because it's so cool to think about ALL THAT CATFOOD being delivered in ten days. It's the same happiness I used to get when living in Michigan and I would buy two or three months worth of cat food when it was on sale. I loved looking at the big stack of cans in the cupboard. It's my hoarding tendencies being gratified I guess.

I am feeling much better today. So much more better, in fact, that I haven't once sat on the couch today. Which is a huge deal being that I just spent 72 hours on the couch watching movie after movie after movie. It was very important that I feel better today because 1. the dirty laundry was at emergency levels (I ran out of clean pajamas yesterday) and 2. I was dangerously close to having rented everything at the movie place that I want to see. And that would have been bad bad bad since I still have a month and a half here and surely there is going to be a day in those 40 odd days in which I will need to spend a few hours watching movies. (and I am hoping that it's also a day that is cold enough for a fire so I can have one last all day fire in the fireplace) (with that said, I am also hoping that it stays warm enough for the next 40 odd days for me to use the swimming pool, because I am never going to have a swimming pool again and I really liked having it)(so I'm asking for a lot)


Eric is in Germany right now and he goes to Budapest this weekend for Russell's 40th birthday. Eric woke this morning with a raging sore throat and the chills. Judging by the time-line of the malaria* that I just recovered from, he should be full throttle ill just in time to check into his Hungarian hotel on Friday. Boo!! I told him to take extra vitamin C so it's not my fault.

*I don't really have malaria.


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