2007-09-12 - 12:13 p.m.

Ugh. I have this itchy desire to take everything out of this house and clean for the next week. This is what I do when I no longer know how to handle my nervous situations. I am going to try to refrain from clearing the entire house of stuffs (this would be a much greater task than in the past when I had a teeny-tiny house to deal with) because I know it will be futile. I will still be nervous and the house will just be dusty/spidery again by next week. Plus, I will essentially be doing the same thing in a month or so when I start packing.

Anyway, speaking of spiders. The other day I was outside reading under the palm tree and I glanced up and saw the biggest spider web I have ever seen twinkling above me. Eric and I kept looking for the spider to whom it belongs but we weren't able to see him until the next day. And's one huge spider. I won't talk about what happened the day before when we were looking in the palm leaves for the giant spider and another quite giant spider fell on my back. Because that was just horrifying.

Here are some examples of things that are happening to us when we try to arrange this move. This is indicative, I think, of how this whole thing is going to go. I am beginning to wonder when my life will ever be peaceful again.

Example 1: I make an inquiry to an apartment complex whose webpage states that they have 3,6,9 and 12 month leases. I tell them we are looking for a furnished apartment for a short lease and that we would actually prefer a two month lease, if possible, since we plan to immediately find a home to buy once we arrive on US soil. The guy, Tim, writes me back and tells me that they do have furnished apartments and "we would be glad to have you and your husband for any length of time you need." So. I am relieved and I write him back to ask him for a price on a two bedroom furnished townhouse for a two month lease. He writes back and tells me that it is $2000 a month. Which makes me choke. I write back and tell him that $2000 is out of our price and could he please send me prices for the smaller units they have (not the townhouse I had originally asked for) available. And...I wait for a response. Which I never get. So a week later I write him another mail and remind him that I am waiting for a response. Two days later I get an e-mail from him that says, "our minimum lease term is six months." Which is bullshit. Today I am going to pretend I am someone else and start these inquiries over with him just to see what happens when I don't make any "out of my price range" proclamations. The part about this whole thing that makes me really, really angry is that we were kind of banking on the fact that a short, two month term lease was available when drafting the terms of this move with the HR people. We got them to agree to pay for two months of temporary housing. Had we known that we wouldn't be able to get a two month lease we would have changed the wording for that. Basically this Tim asshole probably just cost us $2000 because we are going to have no choice but to rent a place for 3 months and we only have someone paying for it for 2 months. Asshole.

Example 2: A few weeks ago Eric contacted a pet moving agency (the one that picked my cats up at the Barcelona airport and brought them to me) about getting my cats back to Michigan. The woman told Eric that she would have a quote for him by Friday. Which was several days later. Friday came and went and by the middle of the following week Eric was quite agitated...mostly because we have to get these prices into the HR guy for approval before the make the final draft of the moving policy for us. So it's quite important that we get this number so we can get things finalized. Anyway, Eric sends the woman an e-mail and gets one of those auto responses saying that she is on vacation for two weeks. So he then forwarded that mail to the company's e-mail address and....nothing. Stupid fucking people.

I think I need to make some other plans.

That is all.


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