2007-09-13 - 12:55 a.m.

This picture will someday make me sad and nostalgic.

train tracks

You might look at this picture and think, "oh, trains." But I look at this picture and I know so, so, so, so many intimate details about it. I know, for instance, that if that man in the white shirt looks to his right he will see three or four cats lolling about in the bushes. Someone feeds them right there. And, in addition to someone who regularly feeds them (and there are more than just three or four, but three or four is all you will see at one time)...the fishmonger guy gives them leftover fish on market days. And, accordingly, the smell right there has a pungent, slightly rotten, fish smell.

I also know that most of those cars you see are likely honking their horns.

And I know that under that bridge and to the right is another side of Sitges that not many people ever go to. Including me. But, the language school I went to is over there and there are quite a few restaurants over there too. It is much, much, much more quiet on that side than it is on the other.

Anyway...right now that picture doesn't make me sad or nostalgic...(because I am so ready to be done with this phase of life)...but I know that someday it will. I am already saying goodbye to things and to people.


Someday everything will be the precise fit.


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