2007-09-05 - 7:31 a.m.


I love it when I get mad about stupid articles in the morning news. This just made me really angry at the world. Sure, I think it's ridiculous to leave a dog twelve million dollars, but damn, that's what she wanted to do and it's her money. But more than that...come on people, don't try to take away the one thing that can lead to peace in dying. I know that I would be way less uneasy about death if I knew that my cats were going to be taken care of for the rest of their lives. I'm not even sure I would be such a total freak about getting on airplanes if I knew that their lives would be relatively unchanged by my death. Sure, I would still be scared of flying, but the anxiety about my death would be lessened. So when someone like Leona Helmsley leaves her dog 12 million smackers just to ensure that he/she lives a good life...well, I understand that (even if 12 million could have not just taken care of the dog but also a whole lot of actual PEOPLE for the rest of their lives) and I get very fucking mad when people try to take that away. This just reminds that me that no matter what exacting plans I set up for my cats, should I expire before them, they will still probably end up not being properly cared for because the world is full of shitheads.(Obviously Eric will take care of my cats, and he would make sure they have a very similar existence to the one they had with me...but I don't want Eric to have to take care of six cats, that would be a lot of stress for him. So if I were rich, you can bet your ass I would set up posh places for my cats to live.) Writing that 12 million into her will probably gave that woman the greatest sense of peace she ever had. I don't care about who she was or what she did in her life...she's human and she obviously had cared about her dog. She, like anyone else, deserves to have the right at a little peace. I can't believe anyone would ever try to take that away.


I still really, really want to just move right now, this very moment. I want it over and done with. I want to get a car, a job, new shoes, a haircut and I just want to GET ON WITH IT. But, we can't move just yet. Eric has to get his work here transferred to whomever is taking over for him. The last two cats go to the vet for their shots on Thursday and they have to be vaccinated for at least 30 days before they are clear for travel. And, since we only have two months of temporary housing paid's a good idea to wait until all our ducks are in a row and we are ready to pounce on the housing market before we move. So damn, end of October it is.

I was, by the way, far more devastated at leaving my little crappy house in Vicksburg than I am about leaving my big dream house in Spain. A dream house can only bring you so much pleasure, apparently.

We are (probably) going grocery shopping in France tomorrow. This will be the last time I get to grocery shopping in France for a long time and THAT makes me sad. No more French butter. WAHHHH! I am also going to buy as much of my beloved French laundry detergent as I can and I am going to move it home with our stuff. I figure that if I buy ten bottles of it and I only use it a couple times a year, I should have enough to get me through until we move back to France when we retire.

That is all.


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