2007-08-25 - 11:09 p.m.

Well. Eric and I had a lovely week of pre-fasting, fasting and post-fasting. It felt really good (except the day when all we consumed was fresh juice...that day was a bad, bad day) and we emerged on Friday afternoon feeling light, clean and spectacular.

Then Eric picked Russ up at the airport.

And I made mushroom risotto with melted provolone for dinner. With rosemary potatoes. And glazed carrots. (which, by the way would not be my usual choice for side dishes for risotto, normally I would go for a big green salad or something fresh and light like that...but Russ is a notoriously bad eater and in an effort to make him eat something that I make, I am limited to potatoes, cheese and mushrooms. The carrots were a stretch but since I doused them in brown sugar and butter, he ate a few bites of them.)

We also drank a couple bottles of wine.

And I had a cookie.

So now I feel terrible again.

And this was not helped by the bottle of wine I drank today (it took me 8 hours to drink the whole thing) while we all lounged by the pool eating more cheese and mushrooms in other forms.

Tomorrow if they all decide to stay here I am going to make something for dinner that won't leave me feeling like my cheeks are going to puff off my face.

That is all.


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