2007-08-17 - 8:30 p.m.

I am getting terribly excited to move back to Michigan (or anywhere, really, where things are easier than they are in Spain* and there is snow) and can barely wait. I am having panic attacks about the actual move and logistics of things...but that's okay because really, at the heart of it, I am terribly excited and cannot wait.

*I am 99.9% positive that any other European county would be easier to live in than Spain (for someone like me). I've been pretty sure of that since the beginning but today it was confirmed to me when I tried to order cat food from this pet store website. See, first of all...oh, nevermind, this is a long story and I have tofu cooking downstairs...anyway...I needed cat food (a specific, rather elusive kind) and it is unavailable around here right now due to vacation and my normal pet store guy totally letting me down (for the first time in a year, I'll forgive him). So I ordered from this website...and then I check the shipping times and EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE E.U. HAS A SHIPPING TIME OF 3-4 DAYS...except Spain. For Spain it is 7-9 days. Gee. Big fucking surprise. Could this have something to do with the mail system here? Or the siesta?

(which reminds me....we haven't gotten any mail for at least two weeks. Which is suspicious considering that this is vacation time. Is it possible that the mail delivery people just go on vacation and don't deliver any mail? IS IT??????)

Anyway, I have to tend to my tofu now. I actually have lots of things I need to talk about. So I will list some of them here to remind myself next week.

-we are going to fast next week.
-people are entitled to their political views and I should shut up about it even if I have a lot to say about it.
-the cat we found
-how I hate August in Europe and want to warn everyone on the planet to stay away from Europe in August.
-how all the tourists just look miserable.
-about the cat food fiasco.
-my tofu is burning. bye.


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