2007-08-09 - 12:13 p.m.

Here's a quick update because I have lots of things to do today and I don't have time to sit here and write lengthy paragraphs.

*We've had a record number of bats in the house this year. We have lost count. The other night there were two bats in the house at the same time and somehow we (by we I mean, mostly Eric while I ran around like a shrieking moron) managed to get them to fly out the door by themselves. Last night Eric was swooped by a bat as he was walking across the living room. Thus started an ordeal of epic bat in the house proportions. First of all, the bat disappeared and when we finally found him (clinging for dear life on the Farting Bush Doll) he refused to cooperate and instead took to flying in a circle around the living room. His circle took him two feet from the wide open door. So then circle bat just suddenly disappeared. Into thin air. And we have no idea where he went except we are sure he didn't fly out the door. So we had no choice but to give up the extraction and we closed the living room off and went to bed. Once we were in bed I noticed my Smudge a Mudge was acting weird and then he went and stared at my bathroom door. Because Smudge a Mudge is the smartest cat in the world, I knew there was a bat in my bathroom. And sure enough, there was. So I closed the door and got Eric and when we opened the door to attempt an extraction we found there to be no bat in sight. So we had to go to bed knowing that there were two bats in the house. Needless to say, we slept with all the lights on.

*The other day Eric came back from a run and announced that he had found a sick or injured cat. He explained that the cat had blood coming from his nose and that when he had found him the cat had appeared dead but had perked up when Eric approached him. So we waited a few hours just in case the owner of the cat (if there was such a thing) took care of it. Then we went down there with the cat carrier and food and we approached the cat who was still laying in the exact spot Eric had found him and I thought he was dead. But then he heard us and perked up and meowed at us and then he ate handfuls of food. He had blood oozing from his nose and his eyes were all fucked up. He was really skinny and dirty and just in bad shape. He was also very friendly. So it was a dilemma. I mean, you can't leave a severely injured cat on the street to die, can you? I might have had second thoughts about "stealing" the cat had the house that he had parked himself in front of not been boarded up and obviously not occupied at the moment. (we have been hearing that it is a common thing here in Spain (and probably Europe) for people to take their August vacations and abandon their pets) Anyway, the cat needed immediate medical attention, I knew that, and there was no way I could just leave him laying in the middle of the sidewalk. So I put him in the cat carrier and we took him to our vet. Where we were told that it looks like the cat has cancer and that the bleeding from the nose is from a tumour eating his face. Great. So now we have a dying cat at the vet and we are waiting for a biopsy to confirm the cancer and when the results of that come back we will have to euthanize him. And we have no idea what to do. We can't just take him back to where we found him and leave him to die a painful death from cancer...but at the same time, he is so friendly and had a human at one time, and what if that human is right now searching frantically for their cat? And we euthanize him? I KNOW, based on the state of the cat, that he doesn't have a human, but I can't be sure, you know? It's a horrible situation. I was thinking that we were just going to have to get the cat some stitched and antibiotics and a few days of rest before we would release him back where we found him. But now this. Anyway. We visited him yesterday and brought treats and he doesn't look like he's in very good shape at all. I suspect when we see him today he will be worse. But at least he's at the vet and they are giving him things for pain and he's warm and dry (it's been raining for the first time in months here).

*We were supposed to go see the Flamenco thing tonight but, in typical life in Spain fashion, getting the tickets is turning into a huge fiasco and we've been trying, for three days, to get the stupid tickets and we can't. This is not our fault. And the whole thing is getting so ridiculous that we are probably just going to give up.

*Which is okay because the weather is really, really nice here right now and it is perfect weather for taking a late afternoon bath and then getting into comfy clothes and sitting outside with a glass of wine and a book. And that's pretty much all I want to do today.

*A moving company called today to set up a time for them to come over to estimate the cost of our move. This makes me panic. This is all going really fast.

*My cat threw up a hairball on my chest last night while we were sleeping.

*We've been going to the gym a lot lately and I feel pretty good finally. Except last night we went out for jalapenos and french fries. And then we finally went to the waffle/crepe place that always smells phenomenal and I had a waffle covered in pastry creme, chocolate and whipped cream. They tasted good but not as good as they smell.

*We mailed some packages the other day and when the postlady asked us if we just wanted normal postage for them, Eric asked how many days it would take and she looked at us with this 'are you kidding me' look and so Eric said, "weeks?" and she nodded while laughing. Apparently even the Spanish postal people know they have the worst postal system in the world.

*I think that is all I have to say.

*These turned out to be lengthy paragraphs anyway.


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