2007-07-31 - 4:04 p.m.

Three years ago at this very moment in time (more or less), I was walking into Water Street Coffee Joint to get provisions (pastry and coffee) for the drive to Muskegon with my best friend Nicole. Why were Nicole and I driving to Muskegon that morning with a back seat full of half cooked food? Because I was getting married that afternoon!!!


It's our anniversary today. Three years. Which means that three years ago today I weighed fifteen pounds less than I do now (I was five pounds lighter than normal at that point in my life and I've gained ten pounds since I've been in Spain...), Eric was still living in Paris, I had a stray cat in my house with a litter of kittens who were about a week old and I had a total of three days for a wedding and honeymoon before I had to go back to working six or seven days a week for what I thought would be only a period of two months (we thought we would be moving to Spain by October and then we didn't end up getting here until May).

It seems like a different lifetime.

Anyway...I smile when I think about marrying Eric. It was the best thing I ever did. Even though we aren't doing anything exciting tonight to celebrate (we just had five straight days of excess food and drink because we had guests and honestly the idea of going to dinner tonight, or doing anything other than drinking water and eating salad, just makes me sick to my stomach) this still feels like a very celebratory day. The third anniversary somehow feels very substantial. (in a good way)


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