2007-07-21 - 8:08 a.m.

I received an e-mail from our friend Fabien the other day in which he tells me of a girl he met from Michigan. Fabien speaks English with complete dexterity and precision...but from time to time he will miss a tiny bit of information or use a word that we wouldn't normally use but is, technically, correct (such as, "give your cats caresses from me"). Anyway, the other day I received an e-mail from him in which he tells me of a girl he met from Michigan...he says, "I met a girl from Michigan, she lives in Yuppers near the Superior Lake." This makes me smile greatly every time I think about it. And it couldn't have come at a better time. This festa major thing, if I knew we were going to be here another year, would be the death of me.

Yesterday they delivered the stage. Not that I really thought they wouldn't, but when it hadn't yet arrived by Thursday night I got my hopes up a little. But no, it arrived yesterday morning and the delivery people were throwing the unassembled pieces of it against the walls of my house and I really did try not to get mad. But it didn't work and I've been cranky since yesterday about this. ESPECIALLY when I was woken at 7:30 this morning when these fucking assholes decided they needed to start assembling the fucking thing. As you know, this stage is constructed against our house. Our front door is now completely blocked and will remain so until tomorrow night after all the festivities end. So, being against our house, the construction of this stage is LOUD. And it's 7:30 and whether I like it or not, I will have to be awake for the next 24 hours. This proves to me that these people who so enthusiastically plan this festa to last until dawn have no intention of actually staying in their homes tonight. If they did intend to do such a thing they would be sleeping right now in order to stay up all night while we pretend that we are not a tiny whitewashed Spanish village where most people are retired but that we are, in fact, living on Ibiza. I am annoyed. WHY the all night discomobil??? WHY???

Anyway, we managed to round up a couple people to keep us company through this. Juergen and his wife are coming and I also invited the guy who owns the pet store where I buy my cat food and told him to bring his friends. I am extremely happy that I invited him because we (Eric, the pet store guy and myself) have been courting one another (for friendship) for the last year. Pet store guy invited us a show he was in and we went and he was so happy to see us there and since then he has shared his music with us and updated us on the progression of his CD and we have just been waiting for something to come up to invite him to and now here it is. There is a slight problem though. We don't know his name. It's at that uncomfortable point where we SHOULD have known his name by now and we know him so well by now that it's extremely uncomfortable to ask him. A couple weeks ago he finally got e-mail and I sent him a message thinking that when he replied he would sign his name to it...but no. He did not. So I guess tonight we are finally going to have to ask him. How uncomfortable. Maybe we can get Juergen to introduce himself to him.

So that is that. This WILL BE my last festa major here. And I'm going to try not to get too stressed out about the noise and I'm also going to try not to fall into a stress induced sleep at midnight and leave Eric with all the guests like I did last year. (I still can't believe I slept through it last year. Seriously, it is as loud or louder than a club in my bedroom when the discomobil is going. And the walls shake with bass. Can you sleep in a club? Can you?) I will be so glad when it is noon tomorrow.


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