2007-07-19 - 5:23 p.m.

It's busy in this village this week. Everyone is getting ready for the festa major this weekend. I am trying not to make fun of them...because this is a huge deal around here and that is totally awesome...but come on, do we really need to paint walls and install new garage gates and all that kind of stuff in a mad rush the week before the festa? Anyway, it's cute, all the old people this week have been out in force with their mop buckets and raging excitement. I find it incredibly odd that the older generation that makes up most of this village are the movers and shakers of this festa and yet...they organize that stupid all night disco mobil to go until dawn. I don't see any of the old people out there shaking their asses with the 15 year old and I almost think that most of the people that live here in this village actually LEAVE for the night once the pica pica dinner and card playing is over. Anyway. I am not looking forward to Saturday, at all. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the awesomeness of being able to participate in a very traditional Spanish custom. I just wish the festa was in February or something, it's so hot right now and I just can't muster the energy to clean the house and start cooking the food for the people that may or may not be coming to our house. (this is a sad story...all of our friends have weddings to attend or other obligations that night so for our last festa we might be friendless...)

Anyway, it's so hot...this is how my days have been going. Wake up and walk slowly, slowly downstairs to get coffee. Then I test Oscar's sugar while he is outside. (the heat is good for one thing, I don't have to warm his ears before testing his sugar now and the warming his ears was the part of the glucose testing that he hates the most) By the time the blood test is over (which is about five seconds from start to finish) I am sweating and annoyed and then I pout around the house for the next three hours. Then I go swimming. Then I attempt housework. Then I go swimming. Then I attempt housework. Then I go swimming. Then I turn on Tae Bo and twenty minutes into it I want to I go swimming. Then I attempt housework again. Then I go swimming. Then I go back to Tae Bo. Then I go swimming. You see how this is going....I have a really dirty house right now and I am getting fat from lack of exercise. I would like to go to the gym but that requires walking to the gym in this heat and I am pretty sure that would be the end of me. How anyone can like summer is beyond me.

Remember how this year I am going to have winter again??????? MMMMMMMM. Winter.


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