2007-07-03 - 9:51 a.m.

I'm tired. I need a week of sleep right now.

One time I went to Leelanau by myself for a weekend and I slept a lot when I wasn't walking along the cold beach or climbing deserted sand dunes. I also refused to answer my cell phone while I was gone and didn't turn it on until I was driving back to Kalamazoo. It was a very relaxing weekend and my skin, at the end of it, didn't even look like it belonged to me. It was all pearl like and pretty. I need to repeat that weekend.

I am losing patience with the telephone. I hate it. I mean, I really hate it. I am so agitated with it that now when it rings my nerves get instantly ruffled. Which sucks because the phone is my only real connection with people and sometimes my only connection with Eric when he's traveling. But I hate it. And I think I am going to go on a phone strike. Eric's not going to like that. We talk to one another by phone a few times a day even when he isn't travelling. It occurs to me that because of the circumstances of my life, I have pretty much spent the last five and a half years on the telephone. That's a lot of time for life to be dictated by the telephone, especially when I have hated the telephone since I was twenty.


I am tired and my alarm going off this morning doesn't help. I can't believe what a total baby I have become about waking up to an alarm clock. I am not ashamed that one of the top reasons I have for wanting to move to Germany has to do with the fact that I am not looking forward to returning to alarm clock life.

I have to drive to the airport now.


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