2007-07-02 - 10:32 a.m.

(update: It is now two hours since I wrote this entry and Eric called and...we still don't know where or when we are going...maybe next week. They are putting together numbers.) poof.

This is a strange space of time right now. It's 10:30 and Eric, at this very moment, is sitting in Germany talking to the people he could be working with if he decides to take the job in Germany. He is talking to them about whether or not the contract they offer him is good enough for us to live on. If it isn't, we are going back to Michigan. So that means that the next time I call Eric (or he calls me), it is pretty certain that I will know where we go next and I will probably know a when too.

And I oddly don't want to know. I've been sitting here, half sick, for the last two hours not wanting to know. And I don't know why I don't want to know. Obviously I don't want to leave this house...but other than that I am still not heart attached to Spain. But I don't want to leave. I'm understanding now that it would be easy to never leave here (or anywhere else). Once you get settled in you can pretty much make your home wherever. Even if you despise the weather and think the people need to take efficiency lessons (which would then cause the stupid siesta shit to cease) and firecrackers, which have been the bane of your existence, are used in profound numbers all through the night, whenever. Despite anything, one can make a home wherever they go. Once they settle in.


It's so strange to think that this time in Spain is over. I just arrived here.

That is all


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