2007-06-19 - 9:05 p.m.

Today, although it was very hot on the beach and the ice cream place had no line for once, I resisted buying ice cream. Because I really am dedicated to this losing of the Spanish ten pounds. It's amazing how these things just suddenly click in to one's will. Now if I can just become dedicated to writing a few pages of anything worthwhile from time to time.

I hear that it is hotter in Michigan right now than it is here. I was feeling all smug about that for about two seconds before I remembered that I will still be burning up at the end of September while Michigan is enjoying the first breath of Fall. Oh, Fall. I really hope I see you this year. I'll even go to a high school football game just to experience you fully.

I put two cloves of garlic on my garlic bread tonight. Because, you know, Eric is away and I can garlic myself to death if I want to. Yay! J'adore l'ail.

That is all.


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