2007-06-18 - 11:18 p.m.

Today I spent the day over on MySpace. As embarrassing as that statement is to's true. I made comments to people I hadn't left comments for in a while, I friend-ed people I hadn't friend-ed yet, I wrote messages for groups I belong to and I did searches of schools that used to house people I knew. Yeah, I get kind of sad when I my old roommate Chad never appears anywhere on MySpace and I have no way of getting a hold of him ever again in this lifetime...but then I get kind of giddy when Chelsea shows up on her school page and I can "friend" her and we can spend the day talking about our days at Frosty Boy when we were sixteen.

I needed a transition day today. Eric left for France and Netherlands today, he'll be gone for the week and it takes me a day or two to climb back into my hermit skin now. Usually my transition day includes movies and maybe some wine and my favorite meal (which is currently salad and garlic bread for some reason)...but today my transition day was MySpace. It's all so pathetic and's good to remember where you came from, good to connect with people that you should be connecting with, good to keep channels open. That sort of thing. And it's good to know that the same (excuse me) skanky bitch I hated in high school can still make my blood boil. Because that reminds me that I still need to get a grip. You know?


I am transitioning. Forgive me.


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